Text Box: Thermographic photography offers clues to where energy is being wasted in this older house in Connecticut.  
Photo by: Tyrone Turner

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Text Box: Spray Foam Insulation, The Best Insulation
Spray Foam Insulation is becoming a standard in the building industry.  Many architects and builders utilize spray foam insulation in new homes and in renovations because of the energy efficiency spray foam insulation provides. Spray Foamís airtight sealing capabilities and true R value performance allows spray foam insulation contractors to install smaller heating and cooling systems, saving homeowners money on their monthly utility bills versus homes with traditional forms of insulation.  Spray foam is environmentally friendly and perfect for application in homes.  Spray Foamís superior bonding and sealing qualities also make it ideal use for steel frame construction, brick and commercial applications.  The Green Foam Guy can the customer with a variety of spray foam, products including a heavier pound foam perfect for use in high humidity areas such as restaurants, ice rinks and basements and roofs.
The Benefits
Spray Foam is hydrophobic making it breathable therefore reducing risks of harmful mold and mildew.  Unlike cellulose & fiberglass, spray foam insulation will not settle over time therefore maintaining a consistent level of insulation.  Spray Foam reduces airborne sound transmission with an STF rating of 51 and helps improve indoor air quality through sealing itís and barrier capabilities.  Spray Foam will not sustain flame upon removal of the flame source.  Spray Foam insulation performs closest to itís R-value (thermal resistance value) since Spray Foam significantly reduces air leakage and infiltration unlike other insulation products which typically perform at only 50% of the nominal R-value rating.  Spray Foam can save you money on home heating bills!  Eventually every home will have spray foam insulation!
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