Text Box: Testimonials

Text Box: “Last year I experienced frozen pipes throughout the winter.  While one company wanted to tear down a newly constructed ceiling in a newly remodeled house, Keith suggested spray foaming the soffit area.  The result, no more frozen pipes and a warmer living space.”
· Derek B., Salem MA.
I had looked at three companies to do the insulation of my new 4500 sq ft home.  Each company pretty much offered the same thing - to provide a spray foam insulation service.  They each committed to do a great job at a reasonable price.  None of the companies were really any different than the other.  A friend of mine used a company that offered an “Agriculturally Based” product that was not harmful to my children, good for the environment and better on my wallet.  My friend had also used spray foam in his home and switched companies half way during his project because he was not happy with his original choice.  He told me that he chose The Green Foam Guy to finish his home and that I should hire them as well.  He swore that the quality of the project was outstanding, the workers were impeccable and the prep and clean up crew were amazing.  I called The Green Foam Guy and spoke with the owner.  Keith was great!  He met with me and my husband, gave us a great price and started on the day that we needed him there.  His workers were outstanding.  The prep and clean up team left the house in better condition than when they came in.  Everything was wonderful.  I recommend The Green Foam Guy to anyone who is looking for the BEST.
Environmentally SUPERIOR product, wonderful; owner and a clean up that is incomparable to anyone out there!
· Lynn Melanowski., Marblehead, MA
“Of all the subs associated with my project you were by far the best.”
· Jim F., Ipswich, MA